Learn the College Soccer Recruiting Process from an Expert!!



  • My name is Gary Whitehouse and for the last 21 years I have been entrenched in the youth soccer community.

  • I have worked individually with and or assisted over 300 families with understanding and navigating the college selection process.

  • College Program Coordinator for Seattle United Soccer Club

  • Email me: gary@garywhitehouse.com or gary@seattleunited.com for Seattle United families

My Services

I can make the college selection and search process simple for you by helping you understand where to start and why. My services are personalized and directed to helping the student-athlete. They listen to an outside resource!

Where do we start? The first question to ask yourself is what am I willing to pay for my child’s education.

Some of the services I provide include:

  • Teaching and consulting the student-athlete with how to communicate with college coaches

  • Self Marketing is the key!!

  • Consistent follow-up to keep clients on task

  • Personal mentoring and keeping

  • Consultation with how to build a short highlight video

  • Planning school visits and coaches meetings

  • Understanding the standardized testing process

  • Consultation on high school course selection

  • Building a realistic school list

  • Understanding the monies available for college

  • If you are interested in scheduling a free 15 minute phone call email me at gary@garywhitehouse.com

  • Cost: $150.00 per hour . Discounts for multiple hour packages and Seattle United families.

  • SPECIAL for the rest of 2019! $125.00 per hour with a package of 3 or more hours.

  • In addition to soccer, I work with other sports and academic only students.


I help take the stress out of the college selection process. See what some of my former clients say.

  • We are so happy we contacted Gary.  Even though my son began the process early, Gary’s advice and support helped seal the deal.   His knowledge of the recruiting process, familiarity with the rules, follow up and attention to the little details, allowed my son to navigate the process stress-free.  The opportunity to play soccer requires some big time choices- we appreciate how Gary was light on opinion and heavy on facts, allowing our son to own his decisions.

    We highly recommend Gary’s services and we are grateful Seattle United made an investment in college advising. Our whole family is overjoyed with the outcome. 

  • Gary's connections and knowledge of the college recruiting process was critical in getting my son's recruitment to play D1 soccer. He provided guidance on when to contact coaches, what to ask and how to engage with them during ID camps. He made sure my son was on top of his academics and ACT preparation. Without his help, I'm not sure we would have been able to secure the commitment.

  • If your son or daughter has aspirations of playing soccer in college, I cannot impress upon you the importance of getting an early start in the process. Having a plan will only increase the likelihood of your child selecting a school that not only provides that best education you can afford, but also provides an opportunity fitting to the level of play that’s appropriate for your son or daughter. The process goes faster than you might think and can be overwhelming. Despite getting an early start, we found Gary’s counsel to be invaluable during the critical period in which we and our son began to dialogue with coaches. He helped direct and support how and when my son should interact during the interview process, when and how best to discuss dollars available, as well as how to close the deal. Because we got an early start, we were fortunate to have a few options that met the level of play, affordability, as well as academic programs that met our son’s (and our) college choice criteria.

  • If you don’t already have a plan in place or are late in the process of finding the best academic/athletic fit for your child, all the more reason to consult with Gary to help set a course for success.”

     Chris and Camille Settle - Parents of David Seattle United ECNL U18/19 player

  • Gary helped both of my two older kids through the college search.  He turned a very complicated system of finding the right school for both academics and soccer into a very simple path.  He was able to help navigate us through the Division 1 and 3 schools.  Two very different experiences.

    Gary continues to push my kids to be their best academically and physically.  He is always available.  I highly recommend using Gary.  Through his guidance, both my kids found the perfect college fit - Lisa Menti

  • From a recent college graduate’s mom: The purpose of this email is to share my deepest appreciation and gratitude for your sincere and genuine effort in seeking out and recommending the ideal choice for Austin's soccer journey based on your expertise in the field, but more importantly, care for your clients.

    This past weekend, we wrapped up senior night. It was the last home soccer game of the season and the very last time that I had the blessed opportunity to watch my son play the sport that he loves at the highest level of college athletics. It was extremely moving and emotional for many reasons. However, one reason in particular that I owe much gratitude to you is for your unwavering message to Austin as we journeyed through all of the visits and decisions. You consistently said, "Austin, pick the school for the school not for the soccer necessarily as the main reason. For if anything was to happen with your soccer career, would you still love the school?" This was a prophetic statement at the time. Why? As an incoming freshman vying for a starting position, and on the very first evening of captain's practice August 4th, 2014 he was severely injured. His freshman year he was a sidelined red-shirt. Then.... the voice of Gary Whitehouse reverberated throughout the year....... what now? do you still LOVE the school?  This was the toughest year of Austin's life. The challenges of the injury....the initial doctor telling Austin that in all of his years of ortho he had never seen a knee injury so bad and that he would never play soccer again. Having to ride a scooter through the university because you couldn't walk or bend your knee for months. There was a lot to overcome, but always seeking a silver lining and having great faith is key. 

  •  Gary helped both of my children through the college search process.  With one daughter he helped her talk through her goals and focus on colleges that might be a good fit and he helped us arrange college test prep that best worked with her schedule.  With our other daughter, he shepherded us through the college soccer recruitment process, including explaining the process, educating us on the steps we needed to be taking, providing resources for things like recruitment videos, and focusing our daughter’s search on colleges that both met her soccer goals and her career aspirations.  He was readily available to answer questions that came up during each step of the process, culminating in her successful acceptance at her first choice college and soccer program.  He was also a resource in figuring out which local soccer programs would help her toward her potential college soccer career.  He is down to earth and insightful when meeting with both parents and students.  Thank you Gary! 

  • The college search/application process is complex, and trying to navigate it is stressful. Students and parents need all the help we can get to understand the long road to higher level education. Gary's guidance to all three of my kids, two athletes and one non athlete, was invaluable.  He tailors his help to each student's personality, skill sets, and college preferences. From a supportive reassuring pep talk to a perfectionist, to a firm push to get things done early for a procrastinator, he finds the right way to help each individual student. The range of assistance he provides is vast: finding the types of colleges/universities that fits each student, planning visits, working with them through the complex application process, guiding them through rejections and celebrating their acceptances.  He helped them find the resources for SAT/ACT test prep, financial aid information, and essay writing for their applications. Let's face it, the teenage years are rough to parent through, but Gary provides a caring third party, that can make sure your student gets things done, confronts challenges, and finds the best fit for them, taking you out of one of the countless battles of the high school years. With his help, my three kids attended Pomona College ('17), Columbia University ('20), and Occidental College ('23).  I would recommend his services to parents of any student seeking guidance through this stressful, yet exciting process. - Michelle Bethune

  • “We and our daughter started working with Gary early on in the college search process, and he was great in helping our daughter think through her options and how best to pursue them. Gary has tremendous knowledge about the often confusing college soccer landscape and the timeline for the recruiting process, and he was a great help with the logistics for informal visits. He genuinely cares about the kids and families he works with and is focused on helping your kid find the opportunity that is best for her.”

  • Gary helped both of my daughters with their college search. He worked personally to help them find the right school fit, connected them with test prep and essay help, and made himself available for any help they needed. For one daughter his help extended to assisting her in the college athletic recruitment process. He taught her how to talk with coaches, how to evaluate college programs, and how to find the right fit both athletically and academically. Our daughters are both extremely happy with their choices. We as a family couldn’t have reached these outcomes without Gary! - Angela Birney

  • This was our first time going down the student athlete route and Gary was able to guide us step by step through this process. Gary was a pleasure to work with.  We felt like he had our son’s best interest in mind and was a constant advocate for him on and off the fields. We truly appreciated his honesty, his encouraging words and his insight into the world of kids who wants to pursue being a student athlete in college. We have had great results and now look forward to watching our son play ball in college :-). Thank you Gary!!

  • Gary taught our family so much about the college decision process. His vast knowledge of schools, location, size, financial aid requirements, athletic rules and regulations is what sets him apart from other advisors. I had two daughters work with Gary, one in athletics, one not. He really changed the game for my older daughter, asking the right questions to get her making choices and deciding on where she would like to be. My athletic daughter went through a tough process, but again, Gary stepped in to help with emails and calls to coaches, as well as take our calls and questions as we visited schools. It was invaluable for us to have Gary helping every step of the way and of course cheering loudly when both daughters got their acceptance letters! - Peg Rodrigues

  • Going through the college experience for the first time can be overwhelming and stressful.  In the beginning we didn’t know what to expect and were looking for some guidance.   We were introduced to Gary and immediately knew that he was someone that we wanted to work with.  With all his years of experience,  Gary laid out the process and what to expect along the way and made us feel at ease.  He built a plan for us to follow with milestones along the way from testing, college visits, communication with coaches and overnight stays helping our daughter figuring out which college was the right fit for her.  By removing so much of the stress Gary really helped us enjoy the college search and something we loved experiencing with our daughter. Thank you so much… Marc & Christy Pisan

  • Working with Gary was great. He was highly organized and really focused on getting my son on track. During the first visit let us know what to expect and what he would “deliver”. He knew the programs and really coached my son through the process. He was available to work through the smallest decisions and provide big picture guidance. We couldn’t have done it with out him. My son is very happy with the recruitment process and is thrilled to be playing college baseball at his top choice. I would recommend Gary to keep everyone sane through the crazy process of deciding how and where to play college sports! Sherilyn Smith